Welcome to my website.  My husband Herbert and I have lived in Carefree since 1991.  We moved here from suburban Philadelphia in 1988, at which time we bought our lot on Black Mountain and began designing and building our home.  Although there was not much here at that time, and it entailed a long drive to work for Herbert, we both loved the Desert Foothills area.

    Until moving to Arizona, I worked for DeMaris Steel Service, the largest tool steel warehouse on the East Coast, where I was vice president.  Since arriving in Arizona, much of my time has been devoted to volunteer work.  I have been the treasurer of our HOA since its inception in 1997.  I have participated in multiple fundraising events for the Cave Creek Museum, Foothills Animal Rescue, the Desert Foothills Land Trust, and the Maryvale Scholarship Fund.  I joined the Board of Directors of the Black Mountain Conservancy in 2004, became the secretary in 2006, and have run the popular annual photo contest for the past 5 years.  I have been a member of the Carefree Contributions Committee since 2005, was on the Carefree Subdivision Committee from 2005-2007, and have been on the Planning and Zoning Commission and the Development Review Board since 2007.  I believe that the strong spirit of volunteerism and the efforts to preserve our beautiful Sonoran desert whenever possible make this a very special place.

Lyn Hitchon

Photo by Marie Peck